Planning 2018 monthly “behind the scenes” outings

November 10: Updated months as events were finalized.

Nearly every month we head to a historic site for a one-of-a-kind experience designed exclusively for people who love history. 

Our goal is to raise awareness of little-known institutions and their collections and to gain new insights into established institutions. The outings help both the individuals and the institutions.

Notices go to the History Camp Boston mailing list and often fill up within hours. If you’re curious about past events, scroll down and see where we’ve been.

Please help us fill out our calendar for 2018. This is an all-volunteer effort, and several people have stepped forward to conduct tours or arrange events since we started this, including Jake, John, Rose, Christine, Marianna, Tad, and Marilynne.

Please browse this list of ideas, and when a site or organization you’re interested in, please contact them and see what you can arrange. Once they agree to a date, add a note next to the institution and next to the month at the top of the page, then send me a note. I’ll update the list below and will create the event page here on the History Camp site and the Eventbrite registration page.

Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp

2018 outings

  • January 27: Ayer Mansion
  • February: Boston Public Library – Inquiry made
  • March: Hale Farm in Beverly (date TBD)
  • April 7: Abigail Adams Birthplace
  • May
  • June: Date TBD – Bradford House Museum and the King Caesar House in Duxbury  (or February)
  • July 7 – 8: History Camp Weekend
  • August
  • September
  • October: Plimoth Plantation and Pilgrim Hall (date TBD)
  • November 3: Nichols House Museum
  • December: MFA – Inquiry made



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