June 25: Boston Light, a 300th anniversary lighthouse tour

  Update: Event photos Founded in 1716, Boston Light is America’s oldest light station and today the last manned lighthouse in the Coast Guard system.  Over the years, the lighthouse was celebrated in a poem by young Ben Franklin, thrice burned by Patriot forces, then blown up by the retreating British.  Since being rebuilt in[…]

May 14: Commonwealth Museum, a director’s tour

The Commonwealth Museum is the public face of our state archives.  On this tour, museum director Stephen Kenney will introduce us to the museum’s permanent collection, which traces the development of rights through a series of period galleries. The museum’s permanent collection includes treasures such as the 1629 Massachusetts Bay Colony charter, the 1691 Province of Massachusetts charter ,[…]

February 27: The Gibson House Museum

Updated Saturday, February 27: We had a great tour today.  Pictures below. Private “behind-the-scenes” servants tour of the Gibson House. Thanks to Michelle Coughlin for helping arrange this. From Michelle: The Gibson House Museum is treasured for the story it tells about upper-middle-class life in Boston during the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. Its elegant wallpapers, imported[…]

January 27: Tour of private political memorabilia collection

Updated January 27: We had a great evening, thanks to Scott and to his colleagues.  Photos from the evening are below.   With objects dating to 1844, Scott Ferson has the largest collection of displayed American political posters outside the Smithsonian, and he also has an extensive collection of Ted Kennedy memorabilia.  (Scott worked as[…]

November 28: Gore Place Estate, a directors’ tour of a Federal Period jewel

Gore Place is the 1806 country estate of Massachusetts Governor Christopher Gore. Sometimes called “The Monticello of the North,” Gore Place is one of the most significant Federal Period mansions in New England. Gore Place has offered us a tour of the recently relocated and restored 1793 Carriage House while talking about adapting historic buildings for modern use. This would be followed by a tour of their next big project, the restoration of missing staircases and other elements in the kitchen and laundry areas, which would include a visit to a portion of the cellar which is not usually open to the public. Finally, they would take us on a quick walk through of the living quarters that are part of the usual house tour.

October 17: Back Bay Deconstructed, a private walking tour led by Jake Sconyers

With the Freedom Trail as the centerpiece of Boston’s tourism industry, it’s easy to lose sight of another revolutionary period in our city’s history. The mid- to late-nineteenth century was a time of sudden, tumultuous change in Boston. With a wave of new immigrants threatening to upend the existing social order and new technologies enabling construction on a grander scale than ever before, civic leaders set out a bold plan to fill in Boston’s tidal Back Bay and create an elite residential neighborhood.


September 13: End of Tory Row, a private walking tour with J.L. Bell

In September 1774, British royal rule broke down in Massachusetts. Thousands of rural militiamen crowded into Cambridge, demanding the resignation of Crown appointees. Within days the upper-class community of “Tory Row”—seven families bound together by marriage, religion, and wealth—fled to safer places, leaving their handsome mansions behind. This tour stops at each of those houses as J. L. Bell narrates the story of the “Powder Alarm” and the revolution in government that occurred eight months before the Revolutionary War.

July 11: L’Hermione, a private ship tour and reception

Patti Violette, Executive Director of the Shirley-Eustis House Association and one of the participants in History Camp Boston this year, is extending a special invitation for a private tour of the L’Hermione and a reception and lecture on July 11. The private tour and reception are $25, and space is very limited. If you’re interested, contact Patti now since there aren’t many spots left.

June 27: Founders Trail Tour, a walking tour with Rose Doherty of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons

Rose Doherty, President of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons, is giving a special tour this coming Saturday morning, June 27, from 10 am – noon for History Camp alums and others who have a deep interest in history. We’ll visit the Founders Memorial, the sites of the Great Spring and the First Meeting House, Province House Steps, and more. The tour is free; the Partnership asks for a $5 donation.

May 9: We Are One, an exhibit at Boston Public Library with the Journal of the American Revolution

On Saturday, May 9, Journal of the American Revolution editors and friends are planning a free group tour and discussion of the new Revolutionary War map exhibit at the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center in the main Boston Public Library. The exhibit, entitled We are One: Mapping America’s Road from Revolution to Independence, is a “stunning exhibition of cartographic and geographic treasures.”